The HOUSE BY THE PARK, a unique multifunctional building whose story began in 1887.
After several transformations and changes in ownership, it found its current form full of subtle luxury.
It houses a restaurant, a banquet hall and several commercial and office spaces with a historical flair, fully equipped with functional furnishings for a successful business.

Twenty-three modernly furnished commercial and office spaces are located on all three floors of the house. All of them are tailored for maximum satisfaction of our clients. The HOUSE BY THE PARK is an elegant historical building – an exclusive address for your new office, conference or training.


Renting spaces for trainings and conferences

Organise your trainings at a venue that's easily accessible for everyone. A venue that has all the services in its vicinity and an excellent restaurant right in the building. Depending on the size of your event, you can choose a smaller conference room or our banquet hall for more than 300 people.

Renting offices

Let subtle elegance, a historical ambience and first-class functionality become the cornerstones of your business. Choose from our twenty-three commercial and office spaces with modern furnishings for rent. Choose the HOUSE BY THE PARK as your headquarters.



Below you can find the complete specification of commercial and office spaces in DŮM U PARKU.

FloorNumberTypeArea in m2 Availibility
F1 1.02 Office / Commercial space 47 Occupied
F1 1.03 Office / Commercial space 15,5 Occupied
F1 1.05 Office 32,5 Occupied
F1 1.07 Commercial space 109,5 Occupied
F1 1.08 Office 34,5 Occupied
F1 1.09 Office 40,5 Occupied
F1 1.10 Office / Commercial space
27 Occupied
F1 1.11 Office / Commercial space
46,5 Occupied
F2 2.02 Office 19 Occupied
F2 2.04 Office 27 Occupied
F2 2.05 Office 15,5 Occupied
F2 2.06 Office 172 Occupied
F3 3.01 Office 13 Occupied
F3 3.02 Office 21 Occupied
F3 3.03 Office 13 Occupied
F3 3.04 Office 25,5 Occupied
F3 3.05 Office 13,5 Occupied
F3 3.06 Office 170 Occupied


You will find all basic services in the immediate proximity.



    In front of the building



    U Zlaté koule 160 m



    Olomouc město 100 m


    Post office

    Česká pošta 50 m


    CzechPoint and magistrat

    200 m


    Law services

    on the premises



    Komerční banka 400 m
    Raiffeisenbank 500 m



    40 m


    Grocery store

    20 m



    Medical office V Ušáku 150 m
    Medical centre Spea 450 m



    Lékárna V Ušáku 150 m


    Sports area

    Winter stadium 200 m
    Omega - centrum sportu a zdraví 780 m



    Mozartova 400 m



    On the premises



    On the premises


Have you been looking for such commercial and office spaces?
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